Jacquelyn Markham, “We Dead Awakened”

We Dead Awakened

 …you begin to write in your diaries more honestly than ever.

Adrienne Rich

Adrienne’s words named

what we did each day

in tiny somnambulist steps

in our flimsy nightgowns.

Adrienne’s words exploded.

In epiphanies, we leapt

from rocky cliffs. Unbelievably,

we did not fall to our deaths.

Below us a circus net for the

trapeze artists we were,

Adrienne’s words saved us.

Catapulted out of the gorge,

up from the dark bedrock,

into the skies of our lives,

eyes wide open.

Jacquelyn Markham


4 thoughts on “Jacquelyn Markham, “We Dead Awakened”

  1. Barbara Kelly says:

    What a lovely tribute. Need to re-read Adrienne Rich, who was my rock along time ago.

  2. Jacquelyn Markham says:

    Thank you for reading, Barbara. I think you would enjoy this anthology; it’s small but powerful–from Split Oak Press: http://www.splitoakpress.com/#!adrienne-rich-anthology

  3. This is lovely and provocative. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, Melody, for visiting the site and reading the poem.
    Adrienne Rich was an inspiration to so many. . .

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