garden, Jacquelyn Markham

concentric circles of cabbage

concentric circles of cabbage, photo by J. Markham




my mind

makes of this yard


reflect sun      moon


its planets


compost contained

by white quartz

or maybe crushed sea shells


wild monkey grass

joins    sand spurs

carpets of mimosa


cardinal spears fight

trumpet vine for chaos

blackberry brambles win


thick heat tropical

nudges Autumn Equinox

here with perigean spring tides


floods and promise

of cool nights

subtle as poplar blooms


imagine a galaxy

of cabbages

concentric circles


kale  collards echo

green chard   purple

food flowers



balance the sun of greens

with moon of winter

flowers pansies violas


planets of rosemary

 silver thyme

I sift the soil


finger roots of sustenance

            breathe pungent

                        musty loam


see my face

            mirrored in deep

                        pools of earth



            Jacquelyn Markham